Username:666, Is a video on YouTube made by: Nana825763. The video is made back in 2008.

The Video Edit

It start off on YouTubes front page. Nana just refreshed a lot of times, YouTube becomed darker, And daker, Till a YouTube channel popup called: 666. He goed intro the videos off the channel 666. When he played the video, You can see a creepy red blooded random body object, At the end the screen starts moving and a hand pop up and shut down the video.

Contact With Nana Edit

A user on Creepypasta, Writted the Email of Nana, And they asked him some quiestions, And he said this: The channel 666 was my original account and I used both these accounts to bring fear into the minds of everyone who stumbled across it. 666 got flagged down immediately but this account managed to survive through the years. You coud learn more about Nana on this wiki.