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8:50 PM

Your eyesight is deteriorating as you struggle to move.

8:52 PM

You are waiting on the floor, your stomach seeming to have butterflies flying about. The girl you thought was perfect was nowhere in sight.

8:54 PM

You had met her earlier as they carefully strolled down the street. You, being less careful, bumped into her and apologized before striking up a conversation. The feeling in your stomach while talking was that of nervous wonder. You knew that this person was the perfect match, but that would just put more pressure on you.

8:56 PM

You gave your address to her before she continued talking. The conversation stood out in your mind the whole day. The way she talked with that devilish smile, insisting that you couldn't run.

8:58 PM

The way she said she would find you no matter you went. The way she said she would sneak into your room at 9:00, armed and ready to blow your brains out.

9:00 PM

The way she looked at your corpse after shooting you 10 minutes too early.