Day 1:

Me and my family just moved to a peaceful neighborhood. All the houses were painted with bright and cheerful colors. I am really excited about this. And I know that I'm going to enjoy this new start.

Day 2:

I strated school and everyone was super nice to me. I went home but people started to get sick. Including my dad.

One, he acted strange

Two, he was a little hostile

Three, he caught and vomited blood.

Day 3:

Oh god please help me, dad just killed mom he just grabbed a knife and started stabbing her. And when he saw me he chased me upstairs, so I locked the door but he's still out there pounding on the door. God please help me I need you. *crying*

Day 4:

Everyone is killing each other the road is covered with blood and rotting bodies, I can feel them stabbing me. God please help us.

Day 5:


Day 6:

I'm going insane I can feel them in here breathing over me.

Day 7:

The Devil Won, for everything has went to hell.