Name: Edward S. Jones Nickname: Slashy

FILE #97: A insane psychopath who viciously murdered 121 people before being caught by the FBI. The victims names were Alex, Brandon, Corey, Susanna, Mary, Ashley, Justin, Ruth, James, his step-father Mathew, his mother Jenna and some SCP Foundation members/employees. When Edward was 13 years old his mother re-married and Edwards step-father abused him. At the age of 16 he got fed up of his step-father abusing him and went to the garage and got a rusty old hook that Edwards dad owned. He then proceeded to his step-fathers car and hid in the back seat and waited for him to come, when Mathew entered the car Edward slowly slit his step-fathers throat. Edward then went to his mother sowing room and got 2 long inches of string and a needle, Edward then started to sow his eyes shut. His mother then entered the sowing room and screamed Edward turned and smiled and said, "Be happy" and rushed towards his mom. It seemed that their neighbors heard Edwards mom screams and called the police and after 20 minutes the police had arrived and they found both of Edwards parents but the mother of Edwards was the worst her hair was torn off, she had a Chelsea smile and had a smiley face carved on her stomach, and her throat was slit. The police then heard that 2 children were slaughtered in the woods, and 7 more at a sleepover. The police then called the FBI to investigate and found Edward sitting in a puddle of blood at the sleepover. They then took Edward to the police station to decide on where to send him it took at least 30 minutes to a hour after deciding and they agreed to take him to the SCP foundation. When they were 10 blocks away Edward escaped the vehicle injuring 1 FBI agent. No one seen Edward since but the agents attached a tracking devise and it seemed that he was heading towards Raleigh NC and more calls for the police for more murders started to form every day and when they finally found him more than 50 people have been killed he was safely out of civilization in the SCP foundation until the containment breech happened Edward then escaped the SCP and he killed 30 staff members 15 security guards and 17 men who entered the cell so in total he killed 62 men. So if anyone ever see a 16 year old with sowed shut eyes and carries a hook for a weapon call the police, FBI, SCP, CIA, Local number immediately for he will KILL YOU!

Weapons: Hook

Danger level: 10/10

Disease Name: Unknown SCP number: 1951