It was midnight and Samuel was awoken by a song. It sounded like a music box, and the melody was very strange and it went, " Do-de-do-doo-dl-li-di" Samuel followed the sound and it led him to his kitchen, still hearing the melody.

It was then interrupted with a sickening cackle' "Hoo-hee-haahaa-ho-tee-haha-ho!"

Then out of the darkness a clown stepped out. He had a big red smile, a shiny red nose, and a face of white. He wore baggy cloths all so colorful.

Samuel then noticed samthing shining at the side of the clown. The clown then rushed towards Samuel cutting his left cheek.

Samuel fell on the floor, the clown then pinned Samuel onto the floor. The clown then started to sing the melody of the song while slicing strips of Samuel's face.

The clown then said, "Got your eye." then the clown grabbed Samuel's eye and yanked it out still attacked to its socket.

Samuel screamed with pain, and the clown told him to use his inside voice he then grabbed Samuel's tongue and ripped it out. The clown then started to cut Samuel's stomach.

The clown then started to cut Samuel's fingers off. The clown then said, "Got your nose" he then pinched Samuel's nose and started to cut it off.

The clown then said, "Lets see if you brushed your teeth" the clown opened Samuel's mouth and said, "looks like someone didn't floss" he then grabbed some dental floss from his pocket and tied them between his wisdom teeth and yanked then out.

Then the clown said, " Your no fun" and slit Samuel's throat.

Samuel then slowly started to die, while his corps was being covered by his blood. And no one has seen the sick clown who's name is, Mopey the Murderous Clown.Tee-hee-ha-ho-ho-ho-ho