Here are the rules for this wiki.

Rule 1: No Spin-offs

This includes Ticci Toby, Jeff the killer, ect.

If so the story will be deleted and you will be blocked

Rule 2: No Spamming

You can not advertise your or another wiki.

If so you will be blocked (2nd time) if it was the first time you will get a warning.

Rule 3: No Raids/Destroy the Wiki

If a admin or me notice that anyone is planning a raid/destroy this wiki.

If so they will be banned from the wiki and if a admin will be de-admin and banned from chat eternally.

Rule 4: Support Other's Stories

If we notice that someone is being criticized by there story.

That person will be blocked

Rule 5: Have Pride

If you break this rule you will be blocked until you have granchildren.

Stay creepy my friends.